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Our Story

Jon, Ben, and Jesse started Send Me Outdoors as a way to replicate the powerful impact being outdoors with fellow veterans has had on their lives. Their standing goal is to create an environment where military and first responder veterans can come together and build strong social bonds that help them grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. They do this through acts of service and adventures in an outdoor setting. If you find them hunting, fishing, through hiking, camping, diving or serving their communities or other veterans their focus will be on helping others do better, and be better.

"RALLY AT THE CAMPFIRE!" and see what we are all about!

Meet The Founders

Foundational Beliefs

We are biased towards action. 

In many military and law enforcement training environments you’ll often hear something like “have a bias towards action.”  This simple concept is about seizing the tactical advantage by acting fast and first so you can get in front of a problem. It is a concept that is also at the heart of Send Me Outdoors.

Wellness is a result of action.

Our physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing is a result of the actions we take to get good sleep, eat right, exercise, study, learn, seek novel experiences, practice selfcare, meditate, and stay connected with our friends and family.

Adventure and service lead to wellness.

Coming together to share experiences bonds our community closer together, keeps us physically active, mentally intune, and continually seeking opportunities to do good for others. 

Campfires help solve problems.

The call of the campfire is ancient.  When we gather our friends and family around a campfire we feel at ease and comfortable. There is a sense of safety.  The fire facilities open communication about challenges and conversations focused on solutions.  A good fire gives us the opportunity to be calm and reflect. 

Warriors need connection.

A bonded community of veterans, their families, and civilian supporters will naturally share adaptive behaviors with each other that enable them to face their problems and work together to overcome challenges. 

We are rowdy, but fun.

Send Me!

It is ok to be irreverent and cut loose, but never at the expense of others. Just like the camping custom of leaving a place better than you found it, having fun should result in being better people. Our actions and behaviors impact others and we must ensure that our impact is positive.  

We have answered the call to service. We stand at the front, step up to the fight, and lead the charge.  We have fought our nation's battles and we will continue to fight for each other.  We won’t idly wait for others to take up the load. We are always in the fight. 

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